Organization Excellence (ODNA)

Our guiding values are focused on mapping and enhancing employee behavior and abilities in order to effect positive change throughout the company, improve the quality of our human resources, and achieve our organizational excellence goals. Our approach begins with the development of internal and external standards, as well as other procedures, that encourage, motivate, and empower employees to achieve strategic goals in a way that results in observable outcomes. The DNA Organization's (DNA Org) Ten-Dimensional Maturity Assessment results will be used to establish a powerful business that caters to the needs and demands of its key consumers while also prioritizing human resources. Within the scope of organizational development needs analysis (ODNA), we apply the following approach for developing and implementing strategies:

1- Executive, Leadership, and Business coaching

2- Strategic Planning, Change Management, and Corporate Communication

3- Corporate Governance, Regulatory Compliance, IT Governance, and Knowledge Management

4- Corporate Audit, Profit & Loss Statement, Market-Focused Sustainability, Sales

5- Organizational Performance Measurement

6- Human Capital Maturity Management

7- Business Capabilities and Motivation

8- Process Management, Digital Transformation, and Cybersecurity

9- Business Continuity & Sustainability

10- Innovation Management